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Sep 11, 2012 4:00am PDT
managers ahead of wednesday-thursday schedule in both europe and the united states. given the run-up we've seen in stocks, let's say from 1408 to 1440, just in the last week or so, i think money managers are paring a little bit of risk back, because you do have random events taking place on wednesday and thursday. and given these outside-day lower formations in those stocks, look for some of those higher beta stocks like apple and intel to perhaps consolidate and trade off a little bit more than otherwise as the technicals have deteriorated at least in the short term. > > thanks to you. that's john brady of rj o'brien. > > thank you. wall street is taking on a different look 11 years after the 9/11 attacks. shortly following the terrorist attacks, some trading firms moved operations away from new york, heading to places such as chicago and new jersey. today, some firms are migrating away from wall street as the financial crisis of 2008 continues to take a toll. "it's a pretty tough situation right now, you have banks that have gone through a crisis. typically through a downturn they c
Sep 18, 2012 4:00am PDT
. > > florida might be the first state in the united states where this is tried out. when might that be? > > we think road trains like this could be on the road in approximately 10 years, or even before that. we foresee things will be improved. adaptive cruise control will be enhanced, more drive support will enter vehicles. but, there's still the issue of legislation. we have to talk and discuss with policymakers how we can modify rules in order to allow this on public roads. one thing we will do is at the end of october, we will have a workshop in washington with policymakers to understand how we can modify legal regulations in an appropriate way. > > it sounds exciting. i'm not afraid of it, i'd love to try it. erik coelingh from volvo, thank you so much. > > ok, you're welcome. will general motors stock reach break-even is it a good value play? and why aren't gm executives being allowed to use their business jets as much? we cover it all in chart talk, next. our chart talk-meister today is matt shapiro. he runs his own company, mws capital. matt, let's talk about general motors. an interest
Sep 17, 2012 4:00am PDT
're seeing the trends across the united states at least looking like the housing pricing is starting to trend higher from the low that we saw about a year ago. > > let me shift over here to the vix, the volatility index. that was somewhat settled last week. do you think it's going to stay tamped down? > > you know what bill, actually last week, it's interesting, we saw it open friday around 13.5 and then firm the rest of the day. moving into the weekend there was definitely some small buyers, some protection going on. but nonetheless, with this backed stuff with the fed, quantitative easing, it looks like you're seeing it come out of this market place with the sense that the fed is going to support the economy and thus the market is going to benefit from that. > > all right. i wish you a good trading day dan. thanks. > > thank you. that's first business for monday. make sure to stay with us all week. we'll have an expert here who will tell us why fall is the best time to buy certain consumer products. from all of us at first business, have a great monday. is he . >>> we are live in san franci
Sep 19, 2012 4:00am PDT
on in the geopolitical world. the united states embassy is under siege in the middle east. but more importantly, you have china and japan becoming more and more bellicose with each other regarding some archipelago islands off the coast of japan, so that really bears watching. the financial times, in fact, is running an article as we speak how china may perhaps sell japanese bonds in order to bring the japanese to their knees as regards those strategic islands. so, there's some geopolitical tension out there, which of course should probably aid gold, at least in the short-term. > > we have our cover story today on fedex. that's a good indicator. it's put out some guidance yesterday that is worrying some people. how do you play that? > > i think that's right. there's a lot of concerns domestically about the fiscal cliff and what that will mean for first- and second-quarter economic growth here. i think fedex, in addition to expressing that concern, also expressed concern that the global economy continues to slow. china and the far east are a major point of distribution and sales for federal express. if you
Sep 26, 2012 7:00am PDT
threats from the united states. >>> back here at home, a new mosque will be built in santa clara county. county approval has been given to build the cordova center. the approval process has been controversial. look at this. although many support it, others say the plan to build a cemetery at that site could contaminate ground water. county supervisors say the center has passed every requirement. >>> beginning march 1st, rvs will be banned from parking overnight in parts of san francisco. yesterday, the board of supervisors passed the ban on the vehicles, saying it was to help people get out of rvs and into temporary housing. but homeless advocates say this could force more people onto the streets. a complete list approved will be banned by the tsa and will likely include parts of the sunset and bayview district. >>> tesla's score says he's working on a -- tesla's ceo says he's working on a rail, a people-moving tube that he calls a hyperloop. he says it would cost $6 billion and tickets bo -- tickets would be cheaper than airfare. >>> time now, 7:05. sal is gonna take us to a ride at th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5